New space


Since the grand opening of Espace Reso 4 years ago, we were not content with making it a simple shared work space, we insisted on creating a place where life and work could live in harmony by continuing to develop the best possible environment for productivity while making a place where people can enjoy themselves by simply walking through the door. We recently have opened another space that includes five offices offering the same high quality furniture and services as well as meeting the expectation of any coworker in the world. The basics of the Coworking movement is to allow the development of mutually beneficial professional relationships. Also, thanks to its flexibility, this innovation system will design the future of the world of work by highlighting the spirit of communities and favour exchanges between entrepreneurs. As Saint illustrates the quote of Saint Exupery once said: “the most beautiful job of men is the profession of uniting men”. Isn’t that what Coworking is all about!